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Starting a New Expedited Virtual Arbitration

You’re ready to file a dispute for Expedited Virtual Arbitration. Here’s what you need to get started.

Written by Heidi Fleck
Updated over a week ago

Starting a new Expedited Virtual Arbitration using New Era is simple, but there are a few pieces of information you will need in the process.

  1. On your dashboard, click “Start New Case” and choose “Expedited Virtual Arbitration.” Please confirm that this is the forum type designated in the dispute resolution section in your contract and/or terms and conditions.

  2. Choose the case type that best describes the nature of your dispute.

  3. Enter your party name and the main contact's information, including name and email address. You can also add additional party members that you want to have access to the case.

  4. Enter the name and main contact information for the respondent party. Only the organization or individual’s name and contact email address is required, if you don’t have any other details. You may need to refer to your terms and conditions for the necessary email address.

  5. Upload your Complaint document. This should describe your complaint and provide the substantive details of your actual claims. It will be included in the initial email to the respondent informing them of the dispute. If desired, we have provided a link to a Complaint template.

  6. Enter the Damages & Relief you are seeking, which may include monetary damages (a dollar amount) and/or non-monetary relief (relief or redress in any form other than compensatory damages).

  7. Enter your settlement amount, or the amount of money you would be willing to accept to drop the claim (and any counter-claims). If both parties agree and their numbers are within 5% of each other, the neutral will be provided this information as a data point to facilitate a settlement more quickly. This is optional.

  8. Upload your Operative Document. This is where both parties have agreed to use New Era ADR as the chosen forum for a dispute of this nature (for example: a Lease, Bill of Sale, Participation Agreement, Loan Document). It will be included in the initial email to the respondent informing them of the dispute.

  9. Review all of the case details and enter your credit card information to be charged your portion of the filing fees. Typically, the fees will be split 50/50 between claimant and respondent, unless otherwise agreed to by both parties.

  10. Once your payment is submitted, New Era will immediately contact the respondent via email to inform them of the dispute that has been filed, inviting them to respond.

  11. You can check the status of the respondent’s invitation by clicking on “Details” in the left menu of your case. There, you will see a status badge next to the Respondent label.

    • “Invitation Accepted” means the respondent has received their invitation and joined the New Era platform.

    • “Pending” means the invitation has not yet been received and/or accepted.

    • If the delivery status of the email is “Delivery Failed”, that means the original respondent email address was likely invalid. You can enter a new email for the respondent by clicking on the pencil icon, which will send another invitation to the updated email address.

  12. You will also be notified when the respondent has completed their response and the neutral selection has begun.

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