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Final Arguments

More details about the Final Argument process in an Expedited Virtual Arbitration.

Written by Heidi Fleck
Updated over a week ago

The Final Argument submission occurs after the arbitration hearing and is your last opportunity to give your side of the story, emphasize your party's submitted evidence, and to rebut the opposing party's statements.

  1. After the hearing, click on “Final Argument” in the left menu of your case to submit your final argument. You can also go directly to this page if your neutral has decided that the arbitration hearing is not necessary for your dispute.

  2. The due date for all parties to submit their Final Arguments will default to 14 days following the hearing. If the neutral chooses to change this, you will receive an email informing you of the new due date.

  3. In the “Final Argument” area, use your file picker to upload your document.

    • Accepted file types include .pdf, .bmp, .jpeg, .png, .tiff, and .webp.

    • Alternatively, you can enter your Final Argument as free text.

    • Under no circumstances may you present new evidence as part of your final argument.

  4. All uploaded materials are visible only to you and will not be shared with any opposing party until both or all parties press “Submit Final Argument.”

  5. For efficiency, your neutral will see the documents as they are submitted by each party. After all parties have submitted their uploaded final arguments, they will be visible to any opposing party. You cannot remove or edit your Final Argument once it has been submitted.

  6. Documents uploaded to the New Era ADR platform will be retained for sixty (60) calendar days from the end of the case or the issuance of a decision/term sheet, whichever is later. You will be able to download documents for your case file up to this date, at which point all documents will be permanently deleted and inaccessible. New Era ADR does not maintain backup tapes or other redundant storage mechanisms post-deletion.

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