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Expedited Virtual Arbitration FAQs

Frequently asked questions about New Era's Expedited Virtual Arbitrations.

Written by Heidi Fleck
Updated over a week ago

What is an Expedited Virtual Arbitration?

An Expedited Virtual Arbitration is conducted with a neutral. They will listen to the facts and evidence presented by each party and render a final, binding decision based on the strengths and weaknesses of each parties’ case. They have no connection to you or the business and are purely there to provide an objective view and get to a fair resolution.

New Era Expedited Virtual Arbitrations are conducted all online through our platform, including document sharing, messaging, scheduling, arbitration hearings, and the final decision.

Who conducts the Expedited Virtual Arbitration?

Neutrals are a third-party with relevant and direct experience in cases like yours, whose job is to provide a binding decision based on the facts and evidence of each side. Parties will have the opportunity to choose their neutral from New Era’s panel via the rank and strike process.

New Era uses carefully vetted neutrals, many of them former judges or highly experienced attorneys. They include members of the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals (NADN), which requires rigorous minimum qualifications to gain NADN membership status. New Era also handpicks additional neutrals for their experience and knowledge.

How long does an Expedited Virtual Arbitration last?

The entire New Era Expedited Virtual Arbitration process typically lasts 45-60 days from the time the neutral is assigned to the case. This includes document and exhibit sharing, hearing sessions, final arguments, and the binding decision.

Arbitration hearings are generally about 4 hours long, and you may be invited to more than one hearing if your neutral deems it necessary. Conversely, your neutral may decide that an arbitration hearing is not needed for your dispute and they will issue a decision based on document and argument submissions alone.

How is the result reached?

Your neutral will have 7 days after final arguments are submitted to make a final, binding decision based on the facts and evidence heard. They will enter the decision and any damages or relief awarded into the platform, which will notify the parties of the result. The final decision will then be available for all parties to download.

What is the New Era Expedited Virtual Arbitration process?

  1. Complete the intake process by providing your contact information, details about the case, your complaint (or answer) document, and your portion of the fee payment.

  2. Get matched with a neutral through our Rank & Strike process, which is conducted with both parties.

  3. Collect and import the relevant documents, exhibits and evidence on the platform in preparation for your arbitration hearing. These will be shared with all parties involved.

  4. Participate in the joint arbitration hearing. Your neutral will coordinate all scheduling through the platform. This is your opportunity to share your evidence and let the neutral hear your side of the case.

  5. Upload your final arguments for the neutral to use as they make their final decision.

  6. The neutral renders a decision on the platform, including any damages or relief awarded. You will then be notified of the result and the case will be closed.

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