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Supporting Documents & Exhibits

More information about uploading and managing the supporting documents and exhibits in your Expedited Virtual Arbitration.

Written by Heidi Fleck
Updated over a week ago

This document submission is your opportunity to provide evidence advocating for your side of the case. Both parties will have 14 days from the date of neutral assignment to submit their initial supporting documentation.

  1. You can upload your documents by clicking on “Documents” in the left menu of your case.

  2. You will see three sections:

    • Supporting Documents and Exhibits

      • This is where you will add your relevant case files and evidence.

    • Intake Documents

      • This contains the Complaint and Answer documents that were submitted when initiating the case.

    • Operative Document

      • This contains the Operative Document designating New Era ADR as the dispute forum for the case.

  3. In the “Supporting Documents and Exhibits” area, drag and drop or use your file picker to add documents that provide evidence advocating for your side of the case. These can include photos, contracts, emails or other communications, etc.

    • Accepted file types include .pdf, .bmp, .jpeg, .png, .tiff, and .webp

    • There is a total size limit of 10 total files, 25 pages across all files or 25MB total.

    • You can edit the description for each file by clicking on the pencil icon.

  4. Documents are saved automatically and visible to your entire party, but they are not visible to the neutral or the other party until the submission due date. You can add and manage documents up until this date.

  5. Once the due date has passed, all documents will automatically be shared and visible to all parties and the neutral.

  6. After submission, you’ll see a list including each document’s exhibit number and submission date and time. You’ll still be able to edit individual descriptions for each document. You cannot remove documents, add any new ones, or edit existing ones (i.e. descriptions) once you have officially submitted.

  7. You will have the opportunity to make further arguments after reviewing the other side’s documents in a hearing, if the neutral deems one necessary, and in your Final Argument. However, you will not be able to submit any new or additional documentation during any other phase of this dispute.

  8. Documents uploaded to the New Era ADR platform will be retained for sixty (60) calendar days from the end of the case or the issuance of a decision/term sheet, whichever is later. You will be able to download documents for your case file up to this date, at which point all documents will be permanently deleted and inaccessible. New Era ADR does not maintain backup tapes or other redundant storage mechanisms post-deletion.

Other document considerations:

  • The neutral shall be the final arbiter of, and has sole discretion regarding, what evidence shall be considered, what weight should be applied to the evidence, and whether evidence should be excluded from consideration, based on fairness, equity, or the law.

  • Except as required by law, the parties agree not to save, record, or distribute evidence in any way, other than through the New Era ADR system and then only for the purpose of the proceeding.

  • The neutral may request additional evidence which the parties shall provide, if available.

  • The neutral may request post-hearing, supplementary evidence or argument at the neutral’s sole discretion.

  • The neutral may rule solely on the documentary evidence without any virtual hearing.

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